The Propaganda Machine

During the National Socialist takeover of Germany, Hitler and his backers employed one of the most effective propaganda campaigns ever designed up to that time. Here in America today, we are being attacked by an even greater technology, that penetrates every aspect of our modern society.

The propaganda has become part of education in public schools and is enforced by federal mandates and standards. If schools or districts do not comply, they face withheld funding or worse. School system mandates have prevented parents from being responsible for their own children.

The privately-owned major media has been taken over by the government bureaucracy and what they call news today is censored if it does not conform to policy. Emmy Award winning reporter Amber Lyon left CNN claiming that CNN promotes propaganda and not journalism. Also from CNN, longtime anchor Lou Dobbs quit for the same reasons.

Because the news services are now merged, it is difficult to find real news reported by the major media outlets. The wire services, AP and Reuters for example, are used as sources by all of the major newspapers and privately-owned media of the major networks.

With the purchase of ABC by Disney, we now have another 'Mickey Mouse' media outlet, and I apologize to Mickey Mouse for the reference. I do not apologize to the many ignorant participants of the farce, who are selling this garbage to the public or the public that is buying it.

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