Liberty Or Lieberman?

Liberty Or Lieberman?
Give me liberty or Lieberman? Crazy Joe Lieberman(I), the senior senator from Connecticut, thinks the American domestic spy program should proceed with all do haste according to his latest statement on the matter. He has called for an end to "petty partisan fighting" over the National Security Agency's warrant less wiretapping and e-mail spying efforts.
Forget about Constitutional protections. Lieberman feels it's time to throw out the baby with the bath water. "I hope this week based on what happened in the United Kingdom, President Bush and the bipartisan leadership of Congress will sit down and say,"Hey let's cut out the nonsense," Lieberman said on ABC's This Week. "We're fiddling while our enemies are getting ready to attack us," he added "Let's figure out how to pass a law to modernize this electronic surveillance capacity, which is critical.
Given the recently foiled terrorist bombing plot in the United Kingdom, Lieberman's comments might sound reasonable. This is particularly true if you are operating from a position of fear, which is Lieberman's stock in trade. Instead of reassuring us, Lieberman seems to be saying, "Be afraid, be very afraid." To paraphrase the late President Roosevelt, "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself," or people like Lieberman, who are only too happy to perpetuate fear. I am not suggesting that we don't need to be vigilant, but we certainly should throw away all the things that make us unique as a nation, just because of the terror threat. If we do, the terrorists win. Fear is the terrorist's stock and trade. It also appears to be the Bush Administration's, which Lieberman supports to a fault. Nine-Eleven has become their mantra, along with any half-baked terrorist plot anywhere in the world to justify their lawlessness. As the Bible says, "What profits a man to gain the whole world only to lose his soul." Our very soul lies in the balance in how we respond to the terror threat. Those who are willing to abandon every principle this country was founded on in the illusion of insolating themselves from the terror threat, play into the hands of the terrorists. We mustn't become someone else in an effort to avoid the inevitable.
We have faced threats in our national past which were no less daunting than today's threats. During the course of our history the rule of law has prevailed. Lieberman and his ilk would turn this nation into one similar to those we used to mock in the past. We are not some third rate banana republic. We can ill afford to let the Liebermans of this world turn us into one. He might not mind people spying on him,. It might be perfectly all right with him to have his e-mails monitored, his phone tapped and his civil liberties removed. Some of us question if the illusion of safety, which in today's world is a fool's paradise, is worth it.

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