Distrust the Unnamed Elephant in the Political Landscape

The recent defeat of Senator Lugar, the failed recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to local issues reflect the unnamed elephant in room - DISTRUST -  for national, state and local politicians. Here in Northwest Indiana, this distrust is so intense that the word, tax, is associated with corruption meaning what family member or friend of some politician will get the revenue from this tax increase?

Voters are identified  by many in the main stream media to politicians as being heartless, uncaring, of the 1%, conservative or belonging to the Tea Party because these so called vile and unfortunately productive citizens continue to be against any increases in taxes. No these people are not uncaring but rather caring about how their hard earned dollars are spent.

Here in northwest Indiana, a local mayor James Snyder of Portage used the power of the veto (more should follow his example) by vetoing an ordinance to increase ambulance fees. The reason for the veto was not because the mayor did not believe the fees needed to be raised, but the ordinance was written in such a way that the collected fees were not specifically directed to the fire department that oversaw the ambulances. 

What a novel concept to have taxes specifically directed toward the necessary department. 

Just imagine where the US Social Security would be if our elected officials keep it as a separate item and did not include it into the general fund so they could spend those dollars elsewhere as they have done and continue to do so as Charles Krauthammer so concisely noted?

Americans, rightly so, wonder why their tax dollars fund the marketing of cow semen, nuts (eating type not to be confused with the nuts in Washington, D.C. or elsewhere on the planet), wine, etc. as discussed during some recent revelations by US Senators.

Then we have all the government conferences from the recent Las Vegas scandal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals estimated $1,000,000 taxpayer funded "It's cheaper in Hawaii than stateside conference." Hmm, I never knew Zumba was part of the legal discussion and was only available in Hawaii. Guess San Francisco has not heard of Zumba?

And the intelligent justification from these so called highly educated judicial officials is the other Courts of Appeal do it.  Sounds more like 5 year olds thinking than adults who are earning in excess of $170,000 annual salaries all courtesy of US taxpayers? And these judges get a daily stipend to attend these conferences as well, again more of our taxpayers dollars going down the waste drain.

Excuse me, why do these folks need a conference anyway? 

Of course that common sense question is never asked, is it?

Is it that hard to imagine why the unnamed elephant in the room - DISTRUST - is so very much alive and well. I actually believe he or she is growing larger with each passing day with the ongoing announcements of more wasted tax dollars by some conscientious politicians to bloggers to actual investigative reporters who do not have an agenda to grind against the American law abiding tax paying citizen. 

Only time will tell. Maybe it is time to return to history when a certain Japanese Admiral spoke these infamous words:

"I'm afraid we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled it with terrible resolve,"

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