Obama Unhinged

by Gary Bauer:  In his speech to reporters yesterday Barack Obama unleashed a barrage of rhetorical falsehoods and demagoguery at the latest budget proposal by Rep. Paul Ryan, which was approved by House Republicans. Obama went beyond policy disagreements and set out to demonize the GOP with slashing rhetoric and alarming adjectives. The goal of Obama's attack was to portray himself as a moderate or centrist and portray the GOP as extremists.

Here are some of the ways Obama described Ryan's budget: "radical," "a Trojan horse," "a prescription for decline" and "thinly veiled social Darwinism." (That's odd -- I thought liberals were big fans of Darwin.) At one point, Obama even suggested that Ronald Reagan could not win a Republican primary today because the GOP is so extreme. How ironic. When Reagan ran, the left tried to paint him as an unelectable right-wing extremist! They were wrong about Reagan then, and Obama is wrong about the GOP today.

Unbelievably, Obama also complained to his left-wing media allies saying, "This is not a situation where there is equivalence." Translation: Conservatives have no legitimate point of view you should be covering. Once again, Obama's intolerance for dissenting points of view was on full display.

The editors of the Wall Street Journal fired back today and summarized well the president's over-the-top attacks. Here's an excerpt from the Journal's editorial:
"The President's depiction of the wonkish and formerly obscure House Budget Chairman as some political monster is itself telling. Mr. Obama is conceding that he can't run on the economic recovery, the stimulus, health care, green energy or any of the other grand liberal ambitions that have dominated his time in office. All of those are unpopular or failures. He was elected on hope and change, but now his only hope is to change the subject to the ogres he claims are the disloyal opposition. Did you hear about the GOP's red-in-tooth-and-claw plan for Medicare? Grandma and Gramps are going to be drafted for the Hunger Games."If you're not familiar with the Hunger Games, it is a popular movie in which teenagers are forced to fight for food in a post-apocalyptic world.

But the Journal's underlying point is one we have made repeatedly in this daily report: Obama can't run on his record (as you will read below), so he is going to demonize those of us who fight him and his agenda in a desperate attempt to portray the GOP as a worse alternative. Yet in spite of Obama's vicious personal attacks, we keep hearing over and over again that the one thing the GOP establishment is afraid of doing is attacking Obama.

I can guarantee you this much: Obama's entire campaign will be one negative attack after another. According to one reporter, the goal of the Obama campaign is to make the Republican Party radioactive in the next 60 days. They want to so poison people's minds before the campaign traditionally begins in earnest -- after Labor Day -- that there is no chance of the GOP candidate being able to recover by November 6th.

Again, my friends, I'm not trying to discourage you. I am trying to prepare you for the fight that lies ahead so you can help your friends and family members see through Obama's distortions and point out his hypocrisy.
Gary Bauer is is a conservative family values advocate and serves as president of American Values and chairman of the Campaign for Working Families.

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