America Can’t Tolerate More Liberal Brilliance

Jim Mullen
by Jim Mullen, ARRA News Service: Poor, poor, liberals feel so put upon and unappreciated. Their brilliance seems so clear and real to them and Conservatives are obviously dim-witted cretins, they reason, by virtue of their complete lack of awe for the liberal mind. Of course, if their ideas were truly that magnificent, the cities and states they’ve controlled for decades would be unsullied, shining examples of liberals’ superiority instead of the ‘cesspools of despair’ strewn generously about the nation by their regressive, failed experiments.

The multitudes of failures by liberals aren’t necessarily signs they lack talent, It's just that they are unable to get their wispy, cloud-shaped pipedreams to fit into the confining space of reality. For example, they have uncanny abilities to lead the world in repeatedly finding solutions that do not work for real problems, and conjuring up perfect answers to imaginary ones. They find the most ingenious approaches to taking a bad situation and turning it into an intolerable one, and are long-time masters at spotting injustice where none exists.

Likewise, they excel at sticking their arrogant; busybody noses into other peoples’ business, and then become indignant when the objects of their intrusion show any hint of resentment toward that intervention. Job #1 for any liberal is always to feel good about themselves and their sacred quest to interrupt, rearrange, and take charge of the natural order of life, and the flow of humanity. The old saw that the road to hell is paved with good intentions was surely written by a victim of liberalism.

However, the aptitude for which liberals are most infamous is their insistence that other people should accept responsibility for financing progressive idealism. Stealing money and property is illegal and frowned upon throughout most of civil society. Undaunted, however, liberals discovered they could bribe politicians into stealing it for them. Their altruistic endeavors and ‘care for people’ begin and end in the pockets and checkbooks of society’s producers, never their own.

Mesmerized by the Siren song of the left, too many Americans slipped ever so gently and ever so gradually into an intolerable obedience to and dependency upon, government. Where once there stood a proud monument to human possibilities, a hapless people kneels before the all-powerful government about which our Founders warned us.

The fire of liberty in the hearts of our Founders forged this country. Masses of humanity followed from every freedom-starved country in the world. They yearned for just the opportunity at self-determination and prosperity. They came with desire in their soul for success and a strand of DNA that cried for Independence from the constraints of tyrannical governments and religious persecution. That craving not only drove people here, but also led them to excel in their endeavors far beyond anything imaginable in their day and circumstance.

They arrived and encountered hardships, dangers, losses, and prejudice. Yet, they persevered and were thankful for the freedom to succeed and for the strength to face failure. They continued undaunted, fighting for their dreams, and then dared to dream again. They followed the beacon of liberty provided by the Constitution to right legitimate wrongs and did all this with a spirit that inspired the world. We came together and became known uniquely as the unbreakable American spirit.

Nearly every problem in this country germinates from government breaking the restraints placed upon it by the Constitution, then running wild and roughshod over the American people with liberals leading the charge.

Once upon a time, we made our own decisions; earned our own money, saved what we wanted, set our own goals, worked for our families, and passed the idea of American exceptionalism to the next generation. This American strength and character is something of which other nations can only dream, and which many in our country, sadly, have forsaken. People incapable of self-reliance and willing to cede their liberty to socialist-Marxist tyrants are doomed to serfdom.

It began with the Constitution and a pride of ownership by Americans in this land of opportunity, and then devolved into a dependent nation as an increasingly larger segment of society developed freeloading tendencies. They plead on bended knees or riot in the streets demanding that government confiscate the labor rewards of the productive and give it to an unproductive, whining class of ne’er-do-wells.

Subsequently, the parasitic gene replaced the DNA of freedom in much of society and leftists convincingly made their pitch that it was greedy not to cede power and riches for redistribution. The obvious truth is that those coveting the fruits of another’s labor, and a government that sells our freedom for votes, are the very embodiments of greed.

Fruition of any liberal, progressive, or Marxist idea leads from one hell on earth to another. With all that liberals profess to know, their lack of wisdom and understanding remain at the forefront of everything that is wrong with this country. Marxists ravage the land like a plague and leave a trail of heartaches, hopelessness, and evil. They hold the knife of government to the throat of the republic, always demanding more of our rights and riches.

When tallying their final toll of destruction, by far the most pernicious consequences to our country are the losses of liberty and the downfall of American character and pride. The crises created by the wide-eyed Marxist fanatics are ones from which the republic may never recover.

Freedom’s torch has dimmed to a mere flicker, and sadly, we are a nation enslaved by our own government. Did millions of our best young people fight and die to defend us from tyrants and dictators around the world for us to succumb to tyrants and dictators in our own country?
Jim Mullen of Parkersburg, West Virginia is a Republican conservative activist. He is a contributing author  for the ARRA News Service, Conservative Voices, Parkersburg Conservative Examiner and his personal site, Freedom For Us Now.

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