Continual Obfuscation By The Democrats And The White House

The below letter to the editor is by Robert "Bob" McDowell, Jr. He is a Professional Engineer and Geologist with over 50 years experience in creating drilling prospects, supervising drilling, well completion, production operation, and pipeline design for oil and gas including repair of problem wells. McDowell is a conservative and active in the Oklahoma Republican Assembly.

Bob McDowell
By Bob McDowell: As this is written, there is a "super committee" of the Congress which is composed of six Democrats, three each from the House and the Senate and six Republicans, again three each from the House and Senate which have been charged with developing a bill that will achieve a reduction of the ongoing deficit of over one TRILLION dollars.  The committee is required to have a proposal ready for a 'non amendable' vote by November 23, the day before Thanksgiving.  It is my opinion that they will not succeed, at least with something that is acceptable to the general public, and non-painful to the elderly or veterans in the population.  This approach is blatantly unconstitutional because it renders the rest of the population non-represented.

For one thing, those appointed by the Democrat caucuses appear to be the most intractable and 'big spending, high taxing' members of their respective houses.  They are, or appear to be from the various reports coming out, taking the route of "it is our way of more taxes and cuts in 'benefits' to those receiving earned payments or no deal'.  If successful in this course of action, it would probably be on their agenda to mount a massive media campaign to blame the Republican members for not being willing to "negotiate."

To their credit, they do tend to stick tightly to their agenda, whereas too many of those with an "R" behind their name seem to be willing to cave in and bend their avowed principles in order to appear to be willing to compromise.  That is not the way that you deal with those on the Socialist/Communist side of the fence.  It appears that the truth is not to be heard from them in these matters.  Those seen by me on live TV have stood on the podium of their respective house and bold faced lied about things that, in some cases, there was first hand information known to me on the subject.  Of course, to be charitable, one needs to admit that in some cases they may just be misinformed, or completely uninformed, in which case they cannot be considered to be liars.  Be that as it may, they seem to be 'mean mouthed' in that they continue to call their opponents rather nasty and derogatory names, especially when their position cannot be backed up by logic and/or facts.  Actually, it is no wonder to me that theCongress, as a whole, is held in such low regard according to polling data.

It seems that whenever there is a need to reduce expenses, at any level of government, the first thing the officials, whether elected, appointed, or employed, loudly propose is cuts in the level of services that will serve to have the most effect on the population.  We should remember that it is the taxes we pay, whether directly or indirectly, that pays the salaries and expenses of the luxurious lifestyles enjoyed by these 'servants'.  It seems that it would never occur to the majority of them to begin by reducing the enormous numbers of employees, particularly in those departments that have as their agenda the establishing of 'rules' with the force of law that most adversely affect our personal and business lives and operations.

President Obama and his administrators are continually pontificating about the need to 'create jobs' while at the same time creating more rules each day that serve to drive up the costs of doing business so that employers are afraid to expand and hire more workers.  These people, for the most part, have never worked in private business and thus have no concept, if they cared, of what is needed in the regulatory climate for business management to feel secure enough about the future operating conditions to be willing to take the risks of expansion.

What is needed is a massive reduction in the number of government employees who do nothing but dream up these rules that stifle the business of the Nation.

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