Charitable: Government: With Other People's Money!

Has it ever occurred to you that if you didn't have such high taxes, you can afford to donate to the cause(s) that you have the most compassion for? Instead of sending money to foreign countries (who mostly hate us anyway) you and your neighbors could get together and help that family in your neighborhood that faces eviction or foreclosure? As a child I witnessed such kindness in my hometown.

With all of the political rhetoric from both dominant parties who say they want to take care of Americans in need, why are so many more Americans  in need, without jobs or homes? Maybe it's because our elected Representatives send all of those dollars to Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, and on and on. Add to that the "charity" called bailouts and stimulus given to banks and corporations that are "too big to fail.

If that money was  distributed evenly to every American citizen, everyone would have a decent home and drive a new American automobile,  could afford college tuition for our children, provide health care for all of our families and have a retirement account that  Congress won't pilfer.

Many of my friends tell me that there is nothing we can do about that except "hope" that a new administration and Congress with make the "changes" to our mutual benefit. As I recall, the last Presidential Election , won by Barack Obama on a platform of hope and change a promise of openness and transparency is how we arrived here in the present.

Well, I hope you are all happy with that change. Just remember that it will take more than change to pay all of your bills. You will need dollars too.

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