Liar Management Training Anyone?

by Leanne Hoagland-Smith: Political correctness and societal pressures have spawned anger management to diversity education training programs. These solutions can be found in the K-12 educational to corporate environments. Yet after listening and watching the behaviors of mostly politicians these past few weeks my sense is there is now the need for a new training program for both adults and young people – liar management.

What would have happened if Congress had demanded sex, photo texting Congressman Weiner to attend mandatory liar management classes? I mean if someone has an anger management issue then this person has a self control problem. Is this not the case for liars as well?

Even as now convicted former Governor Blagojevich walked out of the courtroom, he saidhe was stunned and in disbelief. My translation is his being stunned stemmed from he could not believe the jury did not believe his perception of the truth. After all he was only joking about "I have this thing and it's xxxx golden."

Now in Madison, WI, the Chief Justice of Wisconsin Supreme Court appears to have a problem regarding the truth while another Justice has a potential anger management issue. This confrontation is being heralded as "choke gate" Wisconsin style. As per the request of the Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, the other justice, Prosser, could attend anger management while Chief Justice attended liar management.A new age of civility could emerge.

Maybe liar management training should be required for all elected officials as so many of them have a problem telling the truth? Of course, why stop with elected officials? Let's demand media outlets to union officials to CEOs of for profit businesses to attend liar management training as well given how loosey goosey many are with the truth.

Why do so many people get angry? Because they were lied to is the simple answer.

Parents get upset when children lie about taking cookies without permission. Teachers become angry when students cheat and then lie about their behaviors. Business owner get angry when employees lie about how much work they did not perform even though they were getting paid to work. Does not it make logical sense that voters become angry when they are also the recipients of lies?

Yet public elected and appointed officials get mad when the public challenges their lies", oops I mean truths. Maybe this is why so many liberals including media outlets the purveyors of truth, justice and the American way are against the Conservative Voices, the bloggers, Matt Drudge, the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and all those mean spirited Republicans? Because these folks have the audacity to counter the lies of elected politicians with the real facts.

In other words from the perspective of elected officials those who challenge the hubris and arrogance of elected officials should be attending anger management. And maybe this might be a good thing. To learn how better to deal with liars (the why behind one’s anger in many cases) could be beneficial.

Yet there is a more common sense solution. If more people told the truth, then probably less people would become angry. What would then happen is a reduction in displays of anger and less people taking anger management classes. We actually might have a society where the truth is respected once again and takes precedence over all the lies and miss information.

Of course we know truth telling is like pigs flying in today's society especially when researchers suggest lying is good for children and politicians along with those in seats of authority are only concerned about maintaining their status quo. Wouldn't you engage in "lying is good" behaviors if you could retire only after 5 years of service? After all, just consider former President Clinton's response when he said that all depends upon the "meaning of is."

The Obama Administration along with many federal to local officials want to create new jobs. Just imagine how many new jobs would be available if "liar management" classes were mandatory. This would give birth to a whole new segment in the training and compliance industries. Our GDP would mushroom because of thousands of new jobs. Unfortunately so would our debt as the majority of these classes would be paid by tax dollars. Well no solution is without flaws.

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