Middle Class America - Wake Up And Watch Out!

by A.F. Branco
Bill Smith, Editor: A.F. Branco's cartoon addresses the apparent actions proposed by President Obama to attack "The Rich" via higher taxes.  This will be addressed again later in the words of Dinesh D’Souza. However, a word of warning: The actions of Barack Obama are in fact also following the pattern which will wipe out the middle class in America.

We could simplify the classification of Americans based on wealth by using three traditional economic classes: poor, middle-class and upper-class (the wealthy). Note that in every society, there will always be a lower-class - the poor. However, the demographic size of that group will depend on the overall well being of a growing middle class. President's Lyndon Johnson's "War on Poverty" was nothing more than rhetoric to mask efforts to redistribute wealth. A very famous person revered by Christians said that the poor would always be with us.

There are many reasons for this including that in any statistical stratification, someone will be on top and someone will be on the bottom. Johnson's declaration that America would eliminate poverty has failure because poverty is always defined as those at the bottom. American's poor are the envy of most of the world which is far poorer.

The so called rich have existed in varied degrees of wealth in all societies. Except for those who inherit wealth and waste that wealth by spending it, the wealthy often find ways to influence or to retain their wealth unless it is confiscated by others who then becomes wealthy.   We saw this played out for years in the Soviet Union. In countries ruled by dictators or in socialist countries ruled by an elite class, they themselves become the rich by taking actions to enrich themselves often by stealing the wealth of others. No matter what Obama's intentions, rhetoric or actions of his administration, rich people, maybe less in numbers,  will always exist.

In our Republic, we have been afforded opportunities for people to change their financial station in life through work, invention, and good fortune thus providing a fairer playing field.  We have been provided more opportunities for people to move up the economic chain.  We have even allowed people (at least in the past) the opportunity to retain or spend their wealth as they saw fit to do or to pass it on to their children or others. As a result, America has developed a large middle class. It is this large middle class that is now threatened by President Obama's actions. Obama road map appears to be that followed by socialists of the past. His actions and proposals will lead to the destruction of the middle class as happened in Argentina.

I recall being at a rally at the U.S. Capitol a few years ago. I noted two young ladies observing the event. The rally was calling for more limited government spending and less intrusion in people's lives. This rally was held before the days of President Obama and before the TEA Parties which have since then also taken up this cry for less government spending, waste and intrusion into peoples rights and freedoms. Since these young ladies were watching, I approached them and asked if they would be interested in joining the rally.

They explained that they were in Argentina and were in the U.S. on student visas attending graduate school at a local area university. They said they could not risk being identified with our efforts but were both interested and supportive and wished us well. It was their story that has haunted me since that day especially since the agenda of President Obama has become more evident.

These foreign students shared that in Argentina the government had already destroyed the middle class. Those who were not high enough economically in the middle class and wise enough to escape, were now part of a now larger poor class. There was no longer an economic middle class. The government had nationalized industry was now excessively taxing the rich. And, those who were wealthy and not part of the government were seeking ways to protect their wealth and families. Many had already relocated their wealth to other countries to avoid government confiscation and families were seeking or considering leaving Argentina.

They both said they loved their country but admitted that they were sent to America by their families to attend graduate school so as to be in a safer place. They hinted at the potential of their families re-locating to other countries. They had been following the then campaign rhetoric of both the Clinton and Obama campaigns and the Bush bailout of the banks. They were very concerned about our country, and said "If America fails economically, what will happen to us and the rest of the world seeking freedom and economic stability."

Although, I could offer no response to their question, I admit their words brought both a sense of pride at the influence of America and also a great concern about the danger they foresaw.

Today, almost four years later, President Obama has signally an attack on the wealthy. However, his proposals and actions are in fact an attack on the middle class. It is the middle class of America that works and sustains much of our culture, our economy and the American way of life. The middle class has created numerous new ideas, small businesses and services which employ large numbers of other Americans. It is now the middle class that is most threatened because it is also the voice that cries out the loudest for freedom and against the expansion of government.

This statement does not mean that there are not patriots and lovers of freedom who are rich or poor. Thank God, for those who are wealthy and patriots and who are willing to support the middle class in their champion rights and freedoms. Thank God for the poor who also understand that a poor man never offered them a job or an opportunity to advance. And understand that presently in American even a poor person has the same rights and freedoms of all Americans and that they can work to provide options for both themselves and their children to move up the economic ladder.

It is most critical for the middle class to realize that it is really their "goose that is in the process of being cooked." The middle class must shun all avenues by the current administration to foment economic class welfare and envy. Envy leads to destruction for everyone.

To quote from a speech of  Dinesh D’Souza at the Heritage Foundation, "Barack Obama is different leader from previous Democrats – especially different from so-called liberals like Jimmy Carter, Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton." Barack Obama is "the first anti-American, anti-colonialism president and he is driven by that mindset!" Obama is seeking to "bring us under the rod of the Federal government."

Read Obama's book "Dreams of My Father." "Obama’s is living out the role of his father Barack Obama, Sr. who wrote in 1965  an article in an East African journal saying how this should be done. Bring down all the rich guys by the power of the state, confiscate their land, property, raise taxes as high as you want – 100% if necessary, and obtain their wealth through fiat and legislative piracy. The rationale is that the wealth is not rightfully theirs, in the first place, but had been ripped off from the poor."

But consider the bigger threat, President Obama and his minions must destroy the middle class of America because it is the middle class which stand for the continuance of the American way of life, freedoms and rights. They own land, property, businesses, and have accumulated as a "group of people" enormous wealth.

Obama appears to have his eye on the rich but in fact, it is the middle class that he must eliminate for his agenda to move forward. Once he and those who support his agenda have destroyed the middle class, they have leverage over any unpatriotic rich seeking to save their wealth by aligning with the new agenda. The process is not new, it has happened varied forms before in history. Therefore - Middle Class America - Wake up and Watch Out!

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