Fear of Losing Business Keeps Bad Business Behaviors in the Marketplace

One of the problems with political correctness is that it conjures up fear not to say what is wrong is wrong. For small business owners this becomes an economic survival challenge because to speak up might cost business and in turbulent times every sale is critical.

Recent data released from the U.S. Census Bureau suggests 78.8% of American businesses have no employees. What this means is there are a lot of small business owners who are in all actuality crazy busy sales people and probably operating from one sale to another to keep the lights on, the food on the table and the creditors at bay. The current economic situation has potentially magnified all this fear.

This fear is even evident in social networking sites (marketing) where for many the goal is to gain attraction, build relationships and ultimately increase sales. A recent posting on LinkedIn within one of the Chicago Discussion Groups was seeking 20 speakers with business backgrounds. After almost 30 days of being live and with a plethora of responses, the poster of the request finally responded saying she was so busy just keeping up with the responses and encouraged others to respond to her.

Several of the responders believed the discussion was similar to a scam and then asked why do speakers, consultants, fall for postings like this each and every time? A second question was then raised as to what to do with these type of postings?

My response was to call the person out on her behaviors which I did. Sure this would eliminate any future consideration by her. However, bottom line she probably wasn’t going to connect with me anyway so I truly had nothing to lose, but far more to gain beyond affirming my own business ethics and values.

We as individual regardless of our roles are the change in the world. If others are engaged in unethical and unprofessional behaviors then it is responsibility to inform those that such behaviors are disrespectful. Allowing fear be it no additional sales or even being unliked or political correctness should not drive our behaviors. Of course, when engaging in this information process, the person questioning the poor or unethical behaviors must be respectful and courteous even if the other person is not.

Many people in business do not discuss politics because they think within the realm of elected officials and again are fearful of losing business. However the origin of politics is Greek and comes from the word “polites” which means citizen. As citizens, we do have a moral obligation to let others know when their behaviors are unacceptable. Now these behaviors may not be breaking any laws which for some is the rationalization for political correctness, but are still disrespectful to others.

Of course some if not many might say I am being judgmental. And they are 100% absolutely right. A society without judgment is one where chaos reigns supreme and provides the opportunity for a far more controlling government such as socialist and fascist to take over. In the U.S. political correctness has created an environment of chaos because people are fearful of making respectful common sense statements.

If you want a more ethical business marketplace, then let people know when their behaviors are poor and are disrespecting those around them Do not let the fear of political correctness keep you silent when you see "Rome burning."

For until we make a polite stand, these unethical behaviors will continue especially when those in government believe it is okay and rely on fear to keep the minions quiet. If you disagree, then look only to local political scandals, the House Banking scandal, Congressman Jefferson with thousands in the freezer or most recently Charlie Rangel and let us not forget President Clinton.

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