They're NOT Listening

You would think that after the results of the last election, the politicians in Washington would heed the will of the people, but alas they have not. Standing on a defiant podium, Harry Reid waved a memo from  the GOP and claimed that HE was going to do what the American people want. Well he needs to step down because he is way out of touch with the people.

While taxes and health care dominate the focus, we are bombarded in the media with WikiLeaks, terrorists, and foreign policy. We need to focus on what needs to be done at home.

First and foremost the tax deductions need to be made permanent. That will do more to get small businesses hiring and investing in manufacturing again. Second, cut the spending across the board, starting with entitlement programs to the career welfare recipients. And third, we need to reform the monetary system by repealing the Federal Reserve Act and getting Congress to take responsibility for monetary policy that is asset based instead of debit based. That will do more to fix the economy than anything.

I hear both parties talking about the Tea Party Movement as if it was a third political party. Obviously that is not true and they need to stop this nonsense. The movement is comprised of Americans of all political parties and backgrounds. It is about restoring Constitutional integrity to the nation, by enforcing the limited powers granted to the federal government and allowing the many states to govern as they were intended to.

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