2010 Election We The People Are We the Widows No More

By Leanne Hoagland-Smith:Leanne Hoagland-Smith During the last 40 years and especially the last several, We the People, have become We the Widows. I realized this after listening to my pastor explain the New Testament parable about the Pharisee and the Widow. For in the Greek language, widow meant someone without a voice.

This is one reason why Jesus Christ devoted so much attention to widows and orphans because these individuals had no voices. Their pleas went largely ignored. And when their voices were actually heard it was with arrogance and irritation by the Pharisees who truly believed that they knew better than anyone else. Sound familiar?

Fast forward 2,000 years later to the 2010 election. The widows are now We the People of the United States of America and without a voice. Politicians (think Pharisees) because of their elected authority and presumed power actually believed they could take any action without reprisal after who was going to stop them. Then to add insult to injury these elected and even appointed officials appeared to be irritated when We the People actually questioned why specific actions were being taken such as health care reform or not being take care of such as United States of America border security.

Suddenly the widows began to form groups with other widows. Now their actions caught the attention of the Pharisees who viewed them as discontented, hate mongering to uneducated. Next the Pharisees challenged these widow groups be them Tea Parties to political action committees to even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. After all the Pharisees knew best because they had the louder voices and who were these widows to question their actions? The unmitigated gall of these uneducated, rabble rousing, ungrateful Widows!

Then the Widows found one Widow from the western frontier whose voice was deemed irrelevant to even incompetent by the Pharisees and their supporters. She spoke funny and she truly was not one of them who lived within the center of power and authority.

Though she was once a Pharisee, she threatened the other Pharisees because she actively listened to the widows and had a history of not listening to other Pharisees. This one Widow shared similar pains including being without a voice.

Then the Pharisees and their supporters attempted to ignore this one widow. However, their efforts failed dramatically because the Widows had returned to the foundation of this republic called the United States of America.

For the last 18 months, the Widows continued to move forward and were not deterred by the Pharisees’ action. They continue to assemble even when supporters of the Pharisees identified the Widows (Republican women candidates) as mean. However it is perfectly and legally correct for these same Pharisees to support male citizens who are physically and verbally mean to others through voter intimidation . Yet the good news is that others who have been respectfully quiet Widows are no longer as quiet and are challenging those who are threatened by these strong Widows.

Now with the 2010 election quickly coming to fruition, many who had ignored the Widows are actually starting to listen to these voices. We can see and hear how some elected Pharisees who had supported these questionable policies of health care reform, financial reform and United States of America border security are now distancing themselves and in some cases actually expressing concern about these very same policies.

Yes the 2010 election will be a time for the Widows of the USA to once again be recognized as We The People. Our founding fathers would be very proud and we can take solace that history does repeat itself.

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