Stop Fracking Around With Our Drinking Water!

The practice of hydraulic fracturing or fracking is  a method to release natural gas and oil from beneath the surface. It is used when other methods are too costly and impractical. But it has its consequences.

It requires large amounts of water in addition to sand and chemicals to be pumped into wells, sometimes to depths of 8,000 feet, in order to release trapped gas and oil deposits. But all of that fresh water is now contaminated and it can then leech back into the aquifers further destroying precious potable water supplies.

One method that may be considered instead, is to provide desalinated sea water for fracking instead of fresh water from the streams and rivers. If the salt is t hen returned to the seas, it may offset some of the reduced salinity caused by glacier meltoffs, that have further contributed to the changing chemistry of the world's oceans.

Many places are beginning to suffer from the practice of fracking, and yet the EPA is continuing its "study" of the problem. Apparently it is most cost effective to the drillers and the energy corporations, but it is devastating to whole communities, which I see as being of primary concern in light of what serves the highest good of all concerned.

For too long, the concerns of the people have been secondary to the profits of the corporation. That is not what our government is supposed to be protecting. The government of the people, by the people, is FOR the people, not the corporations and so WE THE PEOPLE must step up and make the changes required to keep us all safe.

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